A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance.Candid styles of photography are increasingly becoming popular both in general day to day photography but also in formal photographic situations.


A Pre-Wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding. After the wedding, familiarity grows and the Love chemistry changes its colours.A Pre-Wedding shoot captures those special feelings and emotions, which will soon be replaced by deeper intimacy and greater acquaintance. Today, Pre Wedding Couple shoot has become almost a mandatory ritual for many couples.

maternity photo shoot

A maternity photo shoot is one of the most wonderful ways to document your pregnancy. It is the greatest ways to preserve your baby’s moments even before birth, and to keep that happy glow on your face forever intact.If you are planning to go for a maternity photo shoot, don’t be shy about your growing body. Remember that you are growing a little human inside you and you look absolutely stunning.


Shooting events is quite a different ballgame than other types of photography. The challenge that comes with event photography, whether that means capturing a night party, a music festival, a wedding or a conference, can be challenging in the best way possible.Event photography is the practice of photographing guests and occurrences at any Event.This is a coverage that is used around the world at occasions such as weddings, christenings, naming ceremonies, parties, birthdays, formals, dances, ceremonies, award ceremonies, funerals, meals and engagements.

Documentary photography

Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often used in reportage.During this period the tradition of documentary photography was reinvented. Artists began to see the camera as a tool for social change, using it to shed light on injustice, inequality and the sidelined aspects of society.